More Plastic in the Arctic than San Francisco Bay? The article from National Geographic says that there is more micro plastics in remote areas of the Arctic then there is in San Francisco and other more populated areas. I personally thought that when articles said, "micro-plastic" what they were saying was microscopic but this is not the case, the micro sized plastic particles... Continue Reading →

Plastic in Remote Areas of the Artic "Litter as we all know is a big problem, maybe less so now but still a problem. With people not knowing what to do with plastics, it makes people wonder where exactly does all this rubbish end up/ (besides the ocean)...."

A Comprehensive List of Pollutants

What’s in the air? Where is it coming from? Who is it coming from? Why is it so bad? I compiled a list for you to make it easier to follow. Soot- "Soot is a byproduct of burning fossil fuels, particularly coal. It is emitted by a variety of sources, including burning coal for electricity or... Continue Reading →

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