Our Mission

This site has been created to help spread the word about the global problem of pollution, global warming, climate change and destruction of our planet. Time is short and we need to turn the tide of opinion and change the habits of the world!

Here at Global Environmental Warriors we are more than just another group we want to start a global movement of Activists that CAN change the world. Through email protests, Smart Living and education, we believe the steps we take now however small have the power to turn the tide of public opinion and mobilize our governments and corporations into action!

This is a place to discuss and educate each other on issues related to saving the planet, where we can share ideas no matter how big or small. The gesture is a movement taking us in the right direction. 

Please feel free to share global news on pollution, recycling and renewable energies. Ideas to reduce waste, replace plastic and ways to live a more natural lifestyle. Small triumphs will light the way to long term big changes so let’s get saving this wonderful world!


Global Environmental Warriors Founder,

David Corke

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