We Don’t Want Your Money

Says the Brazilian government ie: Bolosonaro. He rejected the 20 million aid package to help fight the Amazon fires and said something like the European Union (EU) just wants access to our resources and to interfere with out sovereignty. He deployed 44k troops to help fight the fires as requested from their local governments and... Continue Reading →

Petition to Stop Burning the Amazon

This petition is from Change.org to "to ask all levels of Government in Brazil to mobilise and help us put an end to the burning of the Amazon rainforest! " Read the rest and sign the petition to Stop Burning the Amazon.

Amazon Fires

Not the company, the forest. “NASA noted that though current fire levels are slightly below average compared to the last 15 years, they are higher in some states, such as Amazonas and Rondôniz”. “There is a direct relationship between increased burning and the growth of deforestation,” Faleiros wrote in the blog post. “Among the 10... Continue Reading →

Stumped by Trees

If we cannot plant more trees and bring them to maturity faster than the rate the Amazon is still being reduced, we may not have any hope left. We, at least I have known since I was a kid that trees are the answer. They should have started this 30 years ago but even late... Continue Reading →

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