More Plastic in the Arctic than San Francisco Bay?

The article from National Geographic says that there is more micro plastics in remote areas of the Arctic then there is in San Francisco and other more populated areas.

I personally thought that when articles said, “micro-plastic” what they were saying was microscopic but this is not the case, the micro sized plastic particles are up to as large as a “pencil eraser” and the nano-plastics are the microscopic ones that can be inhaled and float through the air and can pass through cell walls.

The micro plastics are broken down even further on their journey to the Arctic, pulled into the ocean and are being consumed by the food that people eat especially those whose food source is marine life.

They say that humans ingest 121,000 particles of plastic and more studies are being done to determine the effects this is having on our food and then onto us.

I would have never thought that there could me more plastic in places like the Arctic than in heavily populated areas.

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