Amazon Fires

Not the company, the forest.

“NASA noted that though current fire levels are slightly below average compared to the last 15 years, they are higher in some states, such as Amazonas and Rondôniz”.

“There is a direct relationship between increased burning and the growth of deforestation,” Faleiros wrote in the blog post. “Among the 10 municipalities that recorded the largest burnings in 2019, seven are also on the list of municipalities with the highest number of deforestation warnings.”

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Without the thick canopy giving shade to the forests floors, they become vulnerable to dryer conditions which intensify fires. This is part of the ongoing circle of destruction and just one of the many reasons why we have to stop killing the trees in general but stop deforestation and especially in the Amazon and other rainforests that are home to millions of species of animal and plant kingdoms, not to mention that we need the trees to clean the air.

It’s the most effective and least expensive way to filter our air.

A screen shot from the Earth Now App.

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